Original, fun and irreverent.
Quem disse Berenice?
The Boticário Group launched in Brazil and Portugal a new range of makeup. With the intention of being original, fun and irreverent: quem disse, berenice? was born. Matriz Escritório de Desenho was responsible for developing the identity of the packaging system for its extensive product range. The core identity uses a pattern of shapes inspired by the brand symbol.

The colors of the packaging facilitate the location of face, eyes and lips products in the self-service stores. The concept expands the spirit of the brand, creating a connection between the consumer's aspirations and the offering, with multiple options of products and colors.
Matriz was responsible for the design consultancy that jointly defined with the client the range of packaging for the brand, also developing an exclusive design for the caps for the regular and special perfumes.

Identity system
Packaging design
Structural design (the shape of the perfume packaging)
Key visual