About us

Matriz Escritório de Desenho is a strategic design company that thinks through, creates and develops projects for brands and products.We believe Design is capable of building brands, generating results, connecting people and inspiring hearts.We believe in Design as an essential factor for building a better world.

We enjoy enormous challenges and our business is focused on four fronts:
- consistent strategy;
- true innovation;
- creativity, always;
- ethics.


What we offer

Design projects that produce effective solutions where creativity can be found at every stage of development.Solutions that enable the creation of values that are important for brands, customers and consumers, producing a positive dynamism in relationships.

Our methodology is a dynamic one based on analyzing and sifting the strategic, technical, marketing and cultural aspects comprising the project’s environment.As we work, we know what we are looking for, we are free to create, and we design to specification.

Areas of operation

Thought processes, Trademark Design and Visual Identity Corporate and consumer goods identity, identity management, documentation and implementation.

Packaging Systems Visual identity, product line architecture, commercial presence and brand experience

Product Design Shape and structure of packaging and utensils for everyday use.



Since it was founded, project management has been the responsibility of partners Mario Pallares, Lígia Dembinski and Roger Donadell.
The Matriz hub team also consists of Gislaine Delgado (managemant), Vitória Melo (planning), Renato Borges (graphic and product designer) and Gustavo Parada (designer and producer).

We are early movers in specialized design project management, in other words, in our office the customer receives direct attention from the Design team.
We use this system to try to create the closest proximity and greatest empathy between the project teams, providing short cuts, optimizing investments and reducing risks.


Member of ABRE - Associação Brasileira de Embalagens (the Brazilian Packaging Association).
Member of the ABRE Design, Environment and Sustainability Committee.
Member of ABEDesign – Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Design (the Brazilian Association of Design Companies).
Signatory to the “Concorrência com Valor” manifesto of ABEDesign, an industry commitment to fair and ethical competition.